A Technology Born from Space Exploration

When it comes to maintaining a clean and safe swimming pool, many people rely on chlorine. But what if there was a better and safer way to keep pools clean and free of harmful bacteria and viruses? The Power Ionizer provides just that – a chemical-free solution to pool maintenance. But where did this technology come from? The answer lies in the world of space exploration.

In the 1960s, NASA scientists were tasked with finding a way to provide pure drinking water for astronauts on long missions. Chlorine was deemed too toxic for space travel, so the scientists had to find a new solution. They developed an ionization system that recycled the water on the Apollo Lunar Landing Program. This system was designed to provide clean drinking water for a three-man Apollo mission that could last up to two weeks.

NASA’s new ionization system used silver to treat hydrogen-saturated water, eliminating the need for chlorine. By establishing 100 ppb of silver in the water, NASA eliminated the need for 1,000 to 1,500 ppb of chlorine to purify the water. The scientists reported that silver was effective in eliminating bacteria, including Pseudomonas A and Type IIIA bacteria. This new purification system not only doubled the production of pure water, but also lowered the risk of corrosion.

The NASA Ionization Unit provided the shuttle crews with 32 gallons of pure water daily, which was used for all purposes inside and outside the shuttle.

This new unit eliminated the need for mixing, metering, and testing water during flight. Russian scientists working on water recycling and purification for the Soviet spaceship and orbiting station program also chose silver as the best sanitizing agent. Through research into water storage over long periods of time and immediate purification, they determined that ionized silver was the safest and longest-lasting method of transforming contaminated waste into drinkable water.

Today, the Power Ionizer incorporates the same technology developed by NASA and Russian scientists. It releases copper and silver ions into your pool water, killing bacteria, algae, and viruses, and providing a clear, healthy, and sparkling swimming environment. It reduces the use of chemicals like chlorine and can last up to 8 years, providing a long-lasting and cost-effective solution to pool maintenance.

In conclusion, the Power Ionizer is a technology that was born from the need for clean drinking water in space exploration. By incorporating the same technology used by NASA and Russian scientists, it provides a safe and effective alternative to traditional pool maintenance methods. So go ahead, give your family the gift of a clear, healthy, and sparkling swimming environment with The Power Ionizer.

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